Domino Effect, 2015

2" x 4" Acrylic Paintings on Wood,  Table

I am obsessed with the “what if.” Insufficient details lead to questions about the past, death, fate, and familial and collective history.

Domino Effect is an attempt to answer, explain and imagine a different outcome. My family photos intermingle with others’ Flickr-documented histories; images from Vietnam War archives; and documentary photographs. In painting both personal and found photographs, I attempt to individually process an alternative narrative, one in which things were possibly better.

Domino Effect, invites the viewer to interact, to participate. By rearranging and reinterpreting, one can recreate narratives, reimagine outcomes and reconstruct history. The subsequent chain reactions not only mimic the passage of time, but also allow alternative narratives to exist.

In these reconstructed narratives, we complete stories, alter outcomes, find answers. Both the artist and audience are able to answer the “what ifs” through the act of artistic play.


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